My experiment in trying to go gluten free.

Well, after prompting from my husband, I’m starting a gluten free blog.  Let me tell you up front that I’ve not been diagnosed with celiacs and I haven’t been tested for gluten sensitivity.  After the birth of my first son, I got sick:  really sick.  At first I was having trouble with even going down the stairs.  I just couldn’t get my legs to bend that far.  When I picked him up from his crib in the morning, I would sit on the stairs and slide down so I could get downstairs.  Seriously.  After about 3 months of that, plus several intestinal issues, I finally went to the doctor.  Every joint in my body hurt.  He tested me for several rheumatic issues and all came back negative.  I cut out dairy and found a slight relief.  For the next 12 years I varied from feeling slightly lousy all of the time to just laying in bed and not being able to do anything.  I tried different things, like the dairy free thing, which seemed to help a bit, and several herbal rememdies for pain, none of which completely helped me.  I prayed for healing.  I prayed for wisdom on how to take care of myself.  Then, I read somewhere back this spring that gluten tends to cause inflamation so I thought I’d try it.  I really didn’t have high hopes for it, but I thought it couldn’t hurt.  Within a week of going gluten free, my energy increased.  Within two weeks, my joint pain disappeared and I would wake up in the morning feeling like I had actually slept.  Within three weeks my intestinal issues had disappeared.  Well, that was about six months ago and I’ve never turned back.


I’m a cook at heart.  I love to experiment with cooking.  I love to come up with my own recipes.  My family thinks I’m the best cook in the world (of course, they’ve never been anywhere else in the world, so don’t tell them I’m not).  My first forays into gluten free baking were a total fail.  I had to take every assumption I had from almost 40 years of baking and totally throw them out the window.  I started to read and experiment more.  I started to become more aware of the cross contamination issues.  I started to find the odd places where gluten hides in foods.

So, here I am:  starting a blog of my wins of recipes.  I may even share some of the losses too.  After all, it took Edison a lot of trying before he got to the lightbulb we know today……


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