Spelt All Wrong

speltargghhh….Well, I keep learning as I go. Today I found out that spelt has gluten in it. I was reading Tony Horton’s book (not necessarily my go-to guy on gluten free issues) and he listed all of the things that contain gluten (the major things, anyway). There weren’t really any surprises on the list except for spelt. I read once that spelt was gluten free. I even went to a restaraunt once that served gluten free pizza with a spelt crust. I guess the gastric distress I had that night should have clued me in that it was something I ate was wrong. Well, I did what any good person would do and googled it. There is a lot of differing opinions about spelt, so I went the celiac awareness website and yes, folks, spelt has gluten. It’s like the ugly cousin of wheat. Oh, well, just add that to the long list of things I’m no longer eating.


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